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People's Choice Award Online Voting!

At this year’s pageant we are holding a special fundraiser called the People’s Choice Award. Online and onsite, we will be collecting your votes for your favorite contestant for the People’s Choice Award. $1.00 = 1 vote and a portion of the proceeds will go directly to this year's selected charity, Smile Train, an international children’s charity with a sustainable approach to a single, solvable problem: cleft lip and palate.

Voting will take place online and onsite right up to the start of the Pageant Finals on Sunday afternoon. Cast your votes before the finals show begins at 4pm in order for your votes to count! During the awards portion of the Pageant Finals, we will announce the People’s Choice Award winner!

This is a wonderful opportunity to vote for your special contestant, and great way to support a great organization. To place your votes online, simply enter the number of votes you wish to cast in the form below your contestant and click the Vote button. You will be redirected to a payment form to enter your information and provide your payment.

Miss Colorado USA 2018 Contestants


Shania A.
I would like to thank three inspirational individuals; Quinn Harmon, Hanna Hays, and Diana Nuez. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for donating to this amazing opportunity. I wouldn't be writing this nor would i be competing if it wasn't for your help. This opportunity means the absolute world to me, knowing i have all three of your support is more than enough. Thank you so so much for all you have done and continue to do for me.

Victoria B.
Thank you to 20 Mile Athletic Center and all of my family for supporting me through this journey!

Chloe B.
I am thankful for my very supportive family!

Louie C.
I want to thank all of my supporters, especially my friends and family who has been there to encourage me all this time in order to be up here on stage and finally compete! This year has been a vast opportunity and I am very grateful for all of you. I will try my best and become confidently beautiful in tonight's competition. Just remember, we live and we learn everyday! Once again, Thank you to all and I hope you enjoy and have fun!

Emily C.
Thank you to my family and friends for all your support!

Ashley C.
A huge thank you to my wonderful family and friends for supporting me, cheering me on, and encouraging me throughout my exciting journey to become Miss Colorado USA! A special thank you to my incredibly inspiring mother for helping me every step of the way with ideas, details, and giving me tremendous amounts of support. I feel so lucky to be your daughter! A special thank you to Talyah Polee for being so kind-hearted & inspiring.

Alexandria C.
Family Eye Center My Family

Maria C.
Thank you to my friends and family for supporting me through this incredible journey! I would not be here without all of your unconditional love. The biggest thank you to God who makes all of this possible. All of the Glory to You!

Molly C.
Crooked Horn Coffee Roasters, CC Enterprises, Dr. Byron Corbett, Jolley Smiles, Jeremy Poland Photography, Barre Skin, Citrola's Italian Grill, Urban Girls Salon, Bestslope Coffee Company, Pinque Boutique, Connor Bell, Gail Evans-Painting with Light, Curtis Brammer, Brian Teiken, Jeffrey Johnson

Braunde' D.
I would like to thanks to everybody that helped me to get here. Walmart, Sweet tomatoes, Olive Garden,Joe's Crab Shack, Saltgrass Steakhouse, Red Lobster, Nathan Roesner, and In Living Color Beauty Supply. To all my family and friends. thank you for helping me to follow my dreams. And a special thanks to my grandmother Jacqueline Kendrick Lots of love.

Kathryn D.
Preston and Mindy Dunn, Dr Mike Ross D.D.S. M.S., Wardrobe by Larissa Maner with Shimmer Boutique Gown by Fernando Wong Fitness by Jon Cerf with Core Progression Hair, Makeup, and Photos by Austin Ryde The Barber Shop Marketing Laser Beauty Medical Spa Contour Kouture Dillards Thank you Johnny D Triquet, Mona Peck, and the rest of #TEAMDUNN

Makayla F.
To my Mom and Dad; I'm profoundly grateful that you've always stood behind me, supported my dreams, championed my projects, encouraged my pursuits, gone along with my interests, and guided me in the right direction. I am the woman that I am today because of your constant love and support, and for that I am eternally thankful. A big thank you to Alex, of Alex Takes Photos, for all of the wonderful pictures throughout the year!

Taylor F.
Much love and thanks to my incredibly supportive family and friends.

Jenna F.
There are never enough words to cover how grateful I am to my entire support team. Thank you to my family for always believing I can accomplish the impossible. Thank you Lucas for loving me unconditionally and cheering me on every step. Maryn and Jessica, you are the most incredible gift pageants have ever given to me, and I'm clueless without you. Thank you to Ansley at Village Solo for my flawless hair, and Savannah Appel for getting my face stage ready. Thank you to Keren at Studio Ethos for kicking my tail into shape! Yubin Guo, you've outdone yourself with my gown! Mostly, thank you to all of my pageant family, and my incredible friends for being a constant reminder of love. This is for God, and this is for you all!

Jenay G.
A special THANK YOU to my family, friends and community for your unconditional love and support throughout this pageant and throughout my life. Larry and Marie Montoya, Michael J. Montoya, DB, Darrin and Carey Foster, Ed and Lauri Briscoe, Mr. & Mrs. Willie S. Mitchell, Jr., Daddy Mom Child Care & Learning Center, Legacy Therapy, LLC., Janel Williams, Hair Stylist- Salon Denver Sam’s Club Littleton #6635 Hammer Morton, Personal Trainer Jon Blizz, Life Coach Jeremy Gonzales & Family Issachar & Mile High Ministries Lonnie Arellano & Family

Krystal H.
I want to thank my incredible sponsors including: My amazing family, Mom, Dad, Kevin, Taylor, Dennie, Kristie and Ronnie for being my biggest supporters and always believing in me. My Best Friend's Closet - Thank you Cherrill Davidson for supporting me since the beginning. I also want to thank GG's Boutique for encouraging me to be my best. Also, Adam Wimmer, who has played the role of my big brother. To Heather and Angela, for giving me their professional expertise. Jimmy, for allowing me to speak with confidence and showing me the essence of life experiences. Michael, for training me to be in the best shape possible. I am truly blessed to have you all a part of this journey with me to fulfill my dreams!

Alexis H.
I want to thank my friends and family for giving me the guidance and support to surpass every obstacle that I have come into contact with. And without their guidance or support, I would not have the confidence to be competing in Miss Colorado.

Sabrina J.
Doing this pageant has been such a new and fun experience! I want to say thank you to my family, friends, boyfriend, and coworkers for being so supportive and helping me get ready for the event. A big thank you goes to my mom who supported me from start to finish and made the months of prep fun!

Lexy K.
Thank you to my mom and dad for always supporting me!

Rahsha K.
I would like to thank 3R Home Remodeling for sponsoring me. Providing electrical services, interior and exterior remodeling, plumbing, certified inspections, etc. 3R is a local business in Denver with 30+ years experience and guaranteed customer satisfaction. My thanks goes to my incredible parents Rob and Gina Kerven for always supporting me, being amazing role models, and raising me to be who I am today. In closing, I thank my friend Justin Journey Moreno who taught me the importance of cherishing every moment I am given, and always counting my blessings. For that reason, competing in this pageant has been a privilege and I am beyond grateful for my family, amazing coach Michelle Field and everyone else that helped make this possible!

Bre L.
Thank you to my family, boyfriend, and friends for always supporting me with my dreams. I wouldn't be where I am today without your constant support. Sending all my love and thanks to: Linda Cross (Momager), Greg Cross MD, Barre Skin, Glaze Studio-Mallory Voda, Signature Nails

Alyssa M.
My parents, Maria and Felix Magalong Jr. / Kuya Alexander & Christina / Kuya Anthony & Vickie / Kuya Andrew & Stacy Grow / EconoLodge Gunnison / Jermaine’s Eat. Drink. Love / Birkholz Sports Promotions, Inc. / Hi Country Floors To Go / OffCenter deSIGNS / Quality Inn Gunnison / Ol’ Miner Steakhouse / Mario’s Pizza & Pasta / Treads ‘n’ Threads / Gunnison Country Times / Leanne Grace Skin and Beauty – Cassie Platt / Indeliza’s Photography – Indeliza Koster / Amanda Pierce / Ali Pierce / Ian Van Johnson / William Stark / Andy & Tiffany Boston / Xavier Joyner / Alina Luna & Anthony Miccoli / Thank you for the support of my family, friends, & sponsors!

Giovanna M.
Thank you to everyone who has supported me in the past, the present, and in the future!

Alexandria M.
Thank you to my wonderful family for always being there to support me! Also thank you to my amazing friends/roommates for helping me prepare for the pageant.

Brianna M.
Thank you to my mom, step dad, aunts, uncles and grandmas for supporting me throughout my journey. I wouldn't have been able to make it this far without their love and encouraging words, pushing my forward. Thank you to the Bridal Collections in Parker Colorado, for the donation of my shoes and earrings, they are beautiful and I am beyond grateful for them!

Hayley N.
I would like to thank my family and friends for their support of me in this endeavor. I would especially like to thank Dr. and Mrs. Mark David Kollar for my beautiful wardrobe and Brittany Ferrans Photography and Annie Sanders for capturing many sides of my unique personality in such wonderful photographs. With love, Hayley

Yansi O.
My parents Irma and Adan Ortiz - To both my Grandmothers Maria and Elena Schear Glamour Lash Boutique & Salon

Sarahi P.
Thank you so much to my family and friends for the unconditional support I love you guys!

Anzhelika P.
I would like to thank my sponsors for their continuous support, generous donations, and encouragement, which has given me the opportunity to partake in this pageant. Without your involvement and generosity, I wouldn't have been able to be apart of such an empowering event. I want to personally thank Joe and Kristyn Cooksley, Bart Jackson, Mike Caster, Brian Beltran and Mario Beltran. Thank you again for believing in me and continuously supporting me throughout this journey.

Erika R.
Thank you to my friends & family for your unconditional love and support! Special thanks to my sponsors: Randy & Dawn Redmond, Patricia Lester, and Carla Collins. Your support means the world to me!

Heather R.
I am so thankful for the many people who have blessed me with their support and guidance. Each one of them has helped me to become the kind, brave, and passionate woman I am today. I would like to sincerely thank my boss, my grandmother, and birth mother for their financial support. I would also like to thank my dearest family For keeping me motivated. Without their help, I would be standing in a very different place today! Thank you!

Natalie R.
Thank you mom and dad for all of your love and support in all my endeavors!

Erin R.
Thank you Brad for the love and support through the years and always sponsoring myself and my dreams! Thank you to my family, friends, and loved ones for the continuous support in everything I do!

Jasmine S.
I want to Thank my Family & Friends without your Love and support I wouldn't be where I am today. I want to especially Thank: The Vapor Shop, Golden Goose, Shane S Photography, Studio 5 Photography, Make up by Alison Wright, Donna Doudy, My wonderful Mother In-law Debbie Davis, Grandma Molly & Grandpa Bob, Grandma Maggie & Grandpa Ray, Uncle Mike & Uncle Frank, Ruby & Terry, And My Extraordinary Fiancé Hunter Davis Thank you for all your help.

Brenna S.
Thank you to my friends and family for your endless love and support. Thank you to Jason and his team at Monty Nuss Photography for the wonderful headshots. A huge thank you to Felicia at Salon Joa for making me look and feel so glamorous. Thank you to Brittiny Regalado at Lavender Medical and Beauty Spa for the fabulous nails and for making me feel beautiful.

Natalie S.
Thank you mom and dad for supporting me financially and emotionally through pageant prep, and the pageant, and the past 19 years. Thanks to everyone else who's here supporting me! Love you all!

Meagan S.
I would like to thank Mike and Rhonda Bumgardner, owners of Airstream Plumbing and Heating Inc. for, sponsoring me. Without your help, I would not be able to be here today. Thank you to all my friends and family who have given me nothing but love and support. I am forever grateful for all of you. Mom: Thank you for always telling me that I could do anything I wanted to if I worked hard at it. Your opinion means everything to me, and I work hard every day to make you proud. Thank you for everything you have ever done for me, I wouldn’t be who I am without you. Dad: Thank you for always being there for me. Justin: You always encourage me to follow my dreams, and you have made me a better person. I am so grateful to have you in my life.

RaeAnn W.
Thank you to the support of my amazing family and friends. Your constant encouragement means the absolute world to me, I love you guys! A special thank you to my Makeup Artist and Hair Designer! You both are the best I have ever worked with. Thank you for making me feel confidently beautiful in myself for this competition! Makeup by Tawna Coose Makeup Artistry, check her out on her website TawnaCoose.com on Instagram @tawnacmua or on Facebook at Tawna Coose MUA. Hair by Mallory Richers, check her out on Facebook at Mallory Richers Hair Design or on Instagram at @mfbmallory. And a special shout out to my Dad, Mom, Boyfriend, and Brother. For your constant love and support. You always believe in me, and I appreciate you all so much!

Mary W.
Leenda Nicole @cathexistalent-CathexisTalent.com, Vanessa Stapleton @styles_by_ness-Hair Styles, Keith Righthouse @scorpio67photo-Photographer, Jayline Romero @ JaylineRomero_98-Makeup Artist, Gail Lacroix New Frontiers-Joyful Living-www.mydoterra.com/gaillacroix, @kaitlynn_nails22-Nails